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Marcus Lo

CEO and Founder





MS Finance - University of Southern California

BS Accounting - University of Southern California

My Story

Born in Irvine and raised in Pebble Beach, Marcus Lo is a shining example of resilience, ambition, and unyielding determination. His early life was marked by a heart-wrenching struggle with poverty and the devastating loss of both his parents to cancer when he was in high school. Following their passing, Marcus remained undeterred, turning these challenging circumstances into a source of motivation that would fuel his future success.

Marcus' pursuit of education served as a stepping stone towards this success. He received a full-ride to attend the University of Southern California, where he acquired a Bachelor's degree in Accounting. Demonstrating his drive to excel, Marcus furthered his education at USC, graduating with a Master's degree in Finance.

In 2016, equipped with a solid educational background and driven by a vision to bridge the gap between potential and performance, Marcus founded Monterey Consulting Group (MCG). Under his leadership, MCG rapidly expanded to become Monterey County's premier consulting firm. The firm introduced groundbreaking strategies across a range of sectors including events, hospitality, real estate, entertainment, and agriculture.

Despite his demanding professional commitments, Marcus harbors a rich tapestry of passions. He enjoys the discipline of MMA, the sport of wrestling, the culinary delights of international cuisine, the mystery of escape rooms, and the adventure of international travel. These diverse interests not only highlight his zest for life but also reflect his tenacity and curiosity.

Marcus Lo's journey is a remarkable testament to the power of resilience in the face of adversity. His personal mantra "Transforming challenges into opportunities," captures his unwavering commitment to helping others succeed. Marcus Lo is more than a management consultant or an entrepreneur; he is a symbol of perseverance, a beacon of hope, and an embodiment of success that inspires all who cross his path.

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