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About Us

This is where aspiration meets innovation, candor fuels collaboration and impossible surrenders to teamwork. We champion the bold to achieve the extraordinary.

In the heart of Monterey County, amid its natural beauty and vibrant community, MCG (Monterey Consulting Group) was born - a beacon of transformation in the management consulting world. Founded in 2016 by Marcus Lo, MCG embodies a vision not merely to bridge the gap between potential and performance but to obliterate it entirely.

Marcus Lo, a Pebble Beach native, mastered the intricate balance between personal life and flourishing business. Brought up in the medical field, Marcus served as a pivotal player alongside his father, Dr. Jacob Lo, in offering top-tier medical treatment in Monterey County. He didn't just manage his father's dermatology clinic; he took it to new heights. Through Marcus's leadership, Spectrum Dermatology, his father's clinic, evolved into the most highly respected and largest dermatology center in Monterey County.

Following the loss of his parents to cancer, Marcus harnessed his grief, transforming it into an inspirational beacon guiding his journey as a consultant. His quest: to liberate business owners from the shackles of operational inefficiencies and financial uncertainties, gifting them precious time to devote to their families, their passions, and their dreams.

A proud USC business graduate, Marcus kickstarted his journey by revolutionizing private clinics and doctors' practices. But Marcus was never one to rest on his laurels. His vision expanded to reshape sectors like events, hospitality, real estate, entertainment, agriculture, and more, heralding a new era of growth and prosperity within Monterey County. To this day, Marcus has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram (@marcuslo.official)

Today, MCG stands unparalleled as Monterey County’s premier and singular consulting firm. Yet, we are far more than consultants and leaders; we are your strategic allies, navigating you through your industry's labyrinth, and leading you towards unprecedented growth.

Our team comprises visionary thinkers, trailblazing innovators, and seasoned problem solvers, backed by wide-ranging expertise across management, sales, IT, marketing, and tax. Our modus operandi is simple yet effective: understanding your unique needs, blending state-of-the-art industry insights with a comprehensive grasp of your sector-specific challenges and opportunities.

At MCG, we're not just about business; we're about relationships, growth, and the shared journey towards success. Our culture thrives on excellence and integrity, with an unwavering commitment to delivering palpable results and ensuring absolute client satisfaction.

Welcome to MCG, where your aspirations take flight. We help transform your challenges into opportunities, dreams into realities, and potential into incredible triumphs. Your success narrative begins here. After all, at MCG, your success is our success. Let's co-author your success story. Let's build a brighter future, together.

Our Team

Our partners put our clients first, with a relentless focus on championing bold ideas that help them achieve the extraordinary. In every office, on every team, you’ll find passionate, collaborative people who care for you and your success.


Transforming Challenges Into Opportunities

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